Wound Care

Types of Wounds

To provide appropriate wound care treatment, it is first necessary to understand wound categorization based on the etiology, location, type of disease, symptoms, level of injury, and cell loss. As a result, wounds are classified as follows:

Superficial Wound (limited to epidermis skin layer)
Partial-thickness wound (including epidermis and dermis skin layer)
Full-thickness (including skin, subcutaneous fat, and in some cases bone)

Diabetic Wound Care

Even the tiniest cuts become a severe issue in diabetes individuals. Diabetes weakens the immune system, causing people with diabetes to be more susceptible to infections than non-diabetic people, complicating treatment. The most effective diabetic wound care service is After Care Home Health. To prevent infection, make sure to treat cuts as soon as possible. Every day, our professionals clean it with soap and water. Nurses apply antibiotic ointments to keep the sore germ-free. 

Wound Treatment Options

The kind and severity of the wound dictate your doctor’s dressing and wound care treatment options. The primary care physician recommends a moist dressing for recurrent wounds. Blood vessels might narrow due to pain, impeding the healing process. The doctor may suggest that you take paracetamol or other over-the-counter pain medicines or prescribe heavier pain relievers. Infection symptoms such as pain, pus, and fever must be treated immediately. The doctor will prescribe antibiotics and antimicrobial dressings if they are needed.

After Care Home Health Wound Care Service

After Care Home Health offers the best wound care service, ensuring a smooth transition from an in-patient hospital to home care without disrupting care and offering home wound care services. This is accomplished by licensed nurses specializing in customized home care and wound care. To ensure that all treatment, medication, and patient needs are addressed, smooth transitions necessitate special attention and close cooperation between home nurses and treating physicians.

After Care Home Health offers high-quality wound care at home while treating patients with compassion and care. After Care Home Health has been regarded as having the best Wound Care because of its highly professional staff and teamwork. We offer nursing services, but we also provide proper training and skill development programs for nurses, allowing them to improve their abilities considerably. This training, in turn, benefit our clients by ensuring that they receive professional and high-quality wound care after Care Home Health nurses are specialists at assessing wound types and providing appropriate treatment.



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