Medical Care

Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing Your loved one will now receive skilled medical care at home if necessary. Our trained nurse will assist your loved ones in maintaining their independence at home. Contact us directly to learn more about how expert nursing care can benefit you and your loved ones. After Care Home Health provides the highest quality […]
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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy One of the health professions is physical therapy (PT), commonly known as physiotherapy. After Care Home Health Physical therapists provide professional physical therapy that improves or maintains health through physical examination, diagnosis, patient education, physical therapy fitness, health promotion, and disease prevention. A physical therapist provides physical therapy services that assist the patient […]
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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Occupational therapy aims to help people become more productive in all aspects of their lives. We do this using “Targeted Activities.” The OT finds out specific activities for the person and helps them build the appropriate abilities. After Care best home care occupational therapy’s major purpose is to allow people to engage in […]
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Medical Social Service

Medical Social Service A plan can mean the disparity between a successful recovery and being readmitted for patients who have left a hospital or facility. In-home health care assists patients and their families navigate difficult periods in their medical journey, ensuring the best possible conclusion. Individuals, particularly the most vulnerable, are the responsibility of social […]
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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Speech is the use of expressive sounds to express thoughts. A speech disorder is a condition that makes it difficult for people to communicate via spoken words. They’re also known as communication issues/disorders. The assessment and treatment of communication problems are known as speech training or therapy. This is done by a speech […]
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Home Health Aides

Home Health Aides Home health aides are health professionals that provide in-home care and have completed national training. Professional and certified home health aides are employed by After Care Home Health. Under the supervision of a nurse or other healthcare expert, these skilled home health aides allow the client to manage medication or detect severe […]
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Wound Care

Types of Wounds To provide appropriate wound care treatment, it is first necessary to understand wound categorization based on the etiology, location, type of disease, symptoms, level of injury, and cell loss. As a result, wounds are classified as follows: Superficial Wound (limited to epidermis skin layer) Partial-thickness wound (including epidermis and dermis skin layer) […]
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Ostomy Care

Ostomy Care Ostomy care is demanding since the caretaker must regularly collect and clean the waste in his pouch. Ostomy patients require special attention to keep the wound clean and the bag adhered to the skin. After Care Home Health offers the best ostomy wound care and skilled nurses to assist ostomy patients. Wound care, […]
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Diabetes Management

Diabetic Management and Supplies Diabetes in older persons may necessitate professional assistance with proper management. Professional home healthcare experts that understand the needs of people with diabetes provide the best diabetes management services at After Care Home Health. Diabetes, as you may know, is incurable, but it can be managed via proper exercise, nutrition, and […]
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